Tuesday, August 13, 2013

57 ships Anchored off shore of NJ, MD/VA


Not sure what’s going on, might be nothing, but never saw this before. In a Weather Program I use I have the program set to get Weather and Ocean reports from anchored ships off shore. In this case ships anchored offshore in the Mid Atlantic States off the coast of NJ and MD/VA.

On the marinetraffic.com website this is not shown, might be due to being to far off shore.

4 days ago there was 12 ships anchored in a group 100 miles offshore of MD and VA. Right now theres 23 ships anchored in this group.
The last 2 days another group of ships, but spread a bit further apart is anchored off the NJ shore starting from 25 miles out to aprox 150 miles off shore. In all 32 ships are anchored.

In the FULL RES screen capture images I uploaded you will see this. Look for the Green Anchor Icons. Each Icon is a Anchored Ship. The blue flags are wind direction and wind speed reports from those ships. For more info I hover my mouse over the ship (which you will see in second image)


  1. Ha !, surely they're not that stupid ,....wait a minute .....yeah ....maybe they are .It won't work .

    1. .maybe they are

      They certainly have proved that time and again.

  2. I hope it's ammo from Russia and Ukraine, but I'm not holding my breath.

    good stuff this.

    1. I can always stack more 7.62x39! I'll pick some up at the Indy show here in a couple weeks. If you or readers ever have a chance to go to that, it's nice. about 1800 tables. Heard that Louisville KY was a good one to see, too.