Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Patriot Plate – III to III

Via WiscoDave

Kudos to Dave, y'all!


Bringing quality, affordable protection to the Patriot Community.
Dave “WiscoDave” Dietz

My 20th wedding anniversary was approaching and I figured that this would be the perfect chance for me to get a set of body armor. How could my wife possibly say no?

Then I started looking into prices and found that maybe, just maybe she could say no. $350 and up for a full set plus a carrier?! I know she loves me but…

I talked to Kenny about his thoughts and he mentioned that while he wanted some there was no way that even he, a world famous award winning blogger, could afford it.

My “mission” started. What if I could make my own and sell it at, basically, cost?

I looked into steel used for plate. I found a supplier. Kenny put up a post and less than 24 hrs later Patriot Plate was born!

This literally started out as a garage project and 13 sets were produced. (13 sets, 13 Colonies?)

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