Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Nefarious Assault On Homeschooling. Don't Miss This: Problems with Common Core

Via Billy


  1. Oh, now they tell me I can be a math genius. All those early mornings going to the algerbra teacher for help and never understanding why the hell they needed the alphabet for math, woe is me, all for naught. LOL
    Miss Miss Violet

    1. :) Can't stand Algebra. They say you need it to make you think, well geniuses, if you read classical books, etcetra, you will get to think. Put those back in the curriculum, get rid of Algebra, teach only basic math, Business Math and the students will actually be able to preform quite well in society.

  2. I agree. Just reading anything Jim Klein cares to disect will make you work your brain. No offense intended JK. ;)
    Miss V