Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Beautiful August Day for Flagging

Tuesday, August 13th was a warm day on the Boulevard, but the clouds moved in to cool the Flaggers off a bit and many good conversations were held with residents and visitors to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 9 Flaggers were in attendance and CBS 6 visited us on the sidewalk for interviews regarding the I-95 Battle Flag.


  1. Posted on my Google+ with my comment "I salute the State that adopted me and that I adopted. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny." If Dr. Jeffery Kleiner gives me no hope Tuesday, I'll have to be carried all right. But he is highly renowned.

    The beautiful young people in the pictures remind me of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing from a Nazi prison. He wrote, “The ultimate question for a responsible man to ask is not how he is to extricate himself heroically from the affair, but how the coming generation shall continue to live.”
    — Dietrich Bonhoeffer, After Ten Years (December 1942)

    My generation is certainly not as responsible as my father's was, whose comrades freed the prisoners in Bonhoeffer prison a few days after the Nazis hanged him in the prison yard in 1945, but we are faced with evil as great as the Nazis. Are we principled enough to recognize it and throw it off?

    I asked my self this sitting at Starbucks yesterday here in Aurora for the anti-gun demonstration which didn't come off. But there are many other Starbucks and many obsessed with taking my guns.

    The ultimate question of Bonhoeffer is crying out for an answer. Virginia Flagger young folks are giving their answer. I pray that they are the NeoFounders and that my generation follows their lead. I'm in.