Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anonymous trolls FBI, releases contact data for all Fed employees

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Anonymous trolls the FBI, releasing the contact details for every employee at the Federal Reserve, after the FBI claimed to have dismantled Anonymous.

Anonymous hacktivists associated with Operation Last Resort (@OpLastResort) released a link via Twitter on Aug 23 alleged to contain the contact information for every employee of the Federal Reserve. The action comes tn response to claims made by the FBI that the leadership of Anonymous had been dismantled.

Contained in the tweet with the link to the data was the following taunt:
How's that, FBI? Game. Set. Match. and LULZ.
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  1. There was a time very recently when I would have been on the side of the government on something like this, but times have indeed changed. When our government becomes our rulers, then people like Anonymous become a sort of Robin Hood.

    1. times have indeed changed.

      It's pretty black and white these days.