Sunday, August 25, 2013

GRNC Alert 08-25-13 Defend Gun Rights at Mecklenburg Legislative Forum


This Wednesday, Central Piedmont Community College, along with the Charlotte Observer, PNC Bank, and WTVI, are conducting a free community forum with Mecklenburg’s State legislators. The forum will be moderated by “Charlotte Talks” host Mike Collins, and the delegation will consist of the following North Carolina Legislators, who are listed along with their GRNC politician evaluations (0 to 4 stars): 

   - Rep. Bill Brawley
   - Rep. Beverly Earle (0)
   - Rep. Ruth Samuelson (***)
   - Sen. Dan Clodfelter (*)
   - Sen. Bob Rucho (****)
   - Sen. Malcolm Graham (*)
   - Sen. Jeff Tarte (****)
Questions on any topic will be fair game at this forum, but the recent passage of HB 937 is almost certain to put gun rights front and center. HB 937 was a huge victory for gun owners across the state, and so naturally it has agitated the left—greatly. If the past is any guide, the anti-gun crowd is sure to be at this forum to ask loaded questions, misinterpret the new law, mischaracterize gun owners, and otherwise assail the exercise of rights that are protected by the Second Amendment, and are now further supported by HB 937. 

Don’t let the ignorant and nefarious anti-gun crowd run the show, and don’t allow less-than-gun-friendly legislators get away with misleading answers to questions on this topic. GRNC President, Paul Valone, will be in attendance, and we ask that you register and attend the event as well. Join Paul and other GRNC supporters to help keep the record straight and stand for your rights.

When you register, if you’d like, you can also submit a question for the panel. Register by clicking hereThere are more details below, and you will also find more details on the registration page.

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