Monday, August 12, 2013

New search engine protects you from NSA

Trust Google? The National Security Agency, which routinely collects its data, does.

After all, it’s one of the companies from which Washington apparently routinely pulls data about what Americans are reading, doing, seeing, researching, hunting and contemplating.

So an entrepreneur says he has started an alternative service, which offers encryption services to keep your details, well, your details. Out of Google’s files. And away from the NSA.

The website is called and founder Jeffrey Sisk explains it doesn’t retain search history, and also runs on 2048-bit SSL encryption to keep private what Internet users don’t want public.

On his blog, he explains that there are a number of steps a consumer can take to make the options for the government to access personal information a lot harder.

One of those is an encrypted search function.

More @ WND


  1. Any American company can be pushed to give the NSA a backdoor and then muzzled. Lavabit closed its email service rather than spy for FedGov. Silent Circle did the same with its email service. If the company is in the US and they want your information they're going to get it.

    I use Yeah, it's in Russia. Do I trust the Russians? Nope. But it's not like I'm hosting my ecommerce data there. I'm doing web searches. Yeah, I'm sure Yandex gives my data to the Russian FSB but what good will that do them? The FSB isn't going to be using the information against me. The NSA and FBI just might.

    What do you think the Russians will do when Eric Holder sends them a subpoena?

    1. What do you think the Russians will do when Eric Holder sends them a subpoena?


  2. Tried it and this is what I get:

    Due to incredibly high traffic volume, is being upgraded. Please check back later.


    1. Same here. I assume it was all the new found publicity, but we shall see.

    2. It's open now. WND says their piece flooded the site with readers. I searched a few items and it worked well.