Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Florida Police Jail Man For Protesting Red Light Cameras

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Mark E. Schmidter

 Police in Apopka, Florida arrested a man on Saturday morning for distributing a petition that would put the issue of ending red light camera use to a public vote. Mark E. Schmidter, a 66-year-old commercial roofing contractor, stood on the side of the road waiting for the light to turn red at the corner of East Main Street and South Park Avenue. Once traffic came to a stop, he would walk in between cars and distribute a double-sided sheet of paper. One side had a petition form that residents could fill out and a message urging participation in Wednesday's city council meeting. The other side provided information on why cameras should not be used (view flyer).

"Red light cameras are all about money -- not safety," the flyer said in large type. "Governments choose tax money over safety of motorists."

Officer Robert Campbell watched what was going on and used the public address system on his squad car to order Schmidter to stop. Schmidter says he was not able to understand what was said on the loudspeaker. Officer Campbell described the scene in his arrest report.

"As I was approaching him, I read 'BAN CAMS' on the sign he was wearing," Officer Campbell wrote. "He was holding a large stack of papers... I asked him if he had a permit to protest the red light cameras, and he said no."

At this point, Officer Campbell asked for Schmidter's identification. Since he was not driving, the man explained he was not carrying any. The officer then asked for his name and date of birth. Schmidter declined to do so unless the officer could show him what law he had violated. Officer Campbell said he did not have to do that. After asking one more time he grabbed Schmidter's wrist, handcuffed him, and placed him under arrest.

During the commotion, a man came out of Chuck's Wagon restaurant and identified himself as a former county judge to one of the other officers on the scene. He recognized Schmidter from a previous incident where Schmidter was jailed for handing out flyers on the courthouse steps outside of a designated free speech zone.

"That's the last person you need to mess with," the judge warned.


  1. So.........now you need a permit to exercise your First Amendment rights?

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan

    1. Please let this be a bad dream and we wake up in the 50's/60's.:)

  2. "Outside of a designated free speech zone."? What the hell is that?!? I don't recall anything in the First Amendment 'designating' specific areas that it was in force or vice versa. To be more exact, I'm pretty sure the amendment was put in place specifically to make sure that 'political speech' was not restricted at all, anywhere.

    1. Absolutely. They could have possibly said that they were worried about traffic or something similar, but certainly not what they stated. Not well versed at all.