Tuesday, September 17, 2013

US to help Syrian rebels fight chemical weapons

Via avordvet

 US soldiers train for chemical warfare (photo credit: Marv Lynchard/US Department of Defense/File)

Sticking his nose into other people's business as usual.

  President Barack Obama on Monday cleared the way for the US to send chemical weapons-related assistance to the Syrian opposition, as well as international organizations working inside the war-torn Middle Eastern country.

The move comes nearly a month after a deadly chemical weapons attack near Damascus that raised the specter of a US military strike and resulted in a diplomatic deal aimed at stripping Syria of its stockpiles of deadly gases. While the White House says the international response should deter future attacks, the authorization of chemical weapons-related assistance signaled that the US was at least preparing for the possibility that the deadly gases might be used again.


  1. Ok for this guy to arm our sworn enemy in Syria but not ok to have military personnel, who are trained, carry on military bases. Stupid is as stupid does... He sure doesn't mind a dozen or so SS guys with assault weapons around him.