Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ministry of Defence has refused a new "Kalashnikov"

 Ministry of Defence has refused a new "Kalashnikov"

The famous brand of gun "Kalashnikov", it seems, is leaving the Russian army. Defense did not allow the state to test new product group "Izhmash" - "Kalashnikov" - an AK-12, designed as part of a new generation of military equipment, "Warrior."
- Automatic AK-12 and other products based on it have not passed the preliminary tests and state tests are not stated at all. Instead, for the state tests as a battle of the complex equipment, "Warrior" is selected machine factory Degtyarev, - the "News" in the headquarters of the Army.

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  1. Thats OK no one has the monopoly on invention. Will be interesting to see what the Sovi......er I mean the Russian have in mind for the future.