Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nagant crates are back in stock


Arm 20 men with rifles and 440 rounds each for under $5K.


  1. For those that have no experience with Mosin Nagants, don't overlook this rifle.
    It's probably the absolute best "bang for the buck" in the firearms world. They are rock solid, reasonably accurate, powerful (equivalent to a 30.06), easily modifiable and with some work they can become a tack driver at a few hundred yards. There are lots of
    accessories for them including very precise, drop in trigger groups, modern stocks ranging from basic to high tech and lots of other goodies. There is a large amount of data online and in youtube videos about them if you bother to dig it out.

    Most of the ones you see on the market now are coming out of arsenal storage in former Soviet Bloc countries or from Russia. They were arsenal rebuilt/refurbished during the cold war era and stored away in Cosmoline. Mine is as tight and smooth
    as a brand new Remington 700. I've completely disassembled it except for the trigger group and could not find any appreciable wear or damage anywhere on it. I pulled the trigger group out but did not disassemble it.

    I bought a tin of mil-surp ammo with it and use that for target shooting and plinking but I bought some modern, brass cased, reloadable 180 grain hollow points for it because I intend to use it for deer hunting when I finish rigging it out like I want it.

    1. Great post. I've got a Scout. http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2012/03/ode-to-my-mosin-nagant.html

      Click on the link in the above main one for info on my brake hassle. @ For Don: Mosin Nagant M44 Brake

  2. If you don't have at least a couple of these you have really missed the boat, make sure you get a carbine too, either M38 or M44. I have one that I cut down to 16", great truck gun, and a lot of fun to shoot.
    David M

  3. Yes, I have the M44 in the link above along with my friend's customized one. I tried copy and paste your two links above, but got nothing.

  4. My wife still wont let me have one (one crate of Mosin Nagants), and insists that the two M44s, M38, M91/30, and Ex-dragoon are enough. Im dealing with my Mosinitus.