Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wisconsin PATCON AAR

Via WiscoDave

I would consider the recent PatCon that was held on my farm to be a success. It was meant to be a simple meet, greet and eat affair and that was accomplished.

Faces have been put to commenter names. Email addresses have been exchanged and hopefully the relationships formed will continue to grow.

Nic and his family arrived Friday evening and set up camp. I picked Catfish up from the train station and got him settled in the house. 

Saturday Catfish worked on the CD3WD project while Nic and I set up tables, chairs and gathered firewood. Nic's daughters learned the patient art of stalking and capturing barn kittens.

III started arriving at 1230 and pretty much were all there by 130. Chairs around the fire pit allowed for conversation. I will admit that I was not able to talk and listen as much as I would have liked because I was moving back and forth between the house, fire pit and barnyard doing "host stuff." Others would be far better at describing the conversations that took place than I would be.

The food was delicious! Catfish grilled the brats and burgers to perfection and the dishes that were brought to pass were all masterpieces! Tom's chicken wings were so good my wife asked for the recipe. I do not think anything could have been better or more perfect.

Doc Scheffler offered a set of F/B plates for a raffle. $5 a person was collected with the winner getting the plate and the cash to spend at Main Gun. Nic won the raffle.

Brian had graciously brought a Tavor magazine to also raffle (it fits AR platform 5.56/.223 rifles) and Tom won that.

All in all a small group of Patriots met, sharing a meal and conversation.

Friendships were made, support offered and taken.

The foundation has been laid. Now the building starts.

Dave Dietz


  1. Wisconsin PatCon,
    AAR. Yes I was the late one, not by much, but I was late. Also forgot one of the most important things to bring to a PatCon --a chair. Oh well came up Daves driveway and parked. Got out and was greeted by, I think it was Nic's oldest daughter and maybe her sister. Anyway they told me where everyone was and told me where to put the food. As I was walking up to the old farm house, my jaw dropped, I did not know Dave had such a nice little farm. It was f**king awesome. Something I wish I will have someday. I dropped off the food and went down to the fire pit where everyone was. I introduced myself and shook every ones hands. It felt good knowing all those people felt the same way I do.. Everyone talked alot. West showed everyone his AR. Then came the food, some of the best brats I ever had, got the recipe for it to..All the other food was excellent. Raffle was fun. Nic won the plates, I think it was Tom who won the AR mag..Then we talked more, got to know each other more on a personal level. Then most people left. Nic and his family made a weekend camping trip out of it and stayed till Sunday, Catfish came by train so he stayed another night I think. I stayed and talked to Nic awhile about hunting and prepping. Then Dave gave me the farm tour. Dave has an awesome farm and a beautiful wife. Can't wait until next year's PatCon. Though I think we are all close enough we could do more Local Local Local stuff together...Good job Dave

    1. Thanks and I'm still drooling thinking about those Catfish.:)