Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Judge Rebuilds “Berlin Wall” Just for Homeschoolers


Following 21 days in German state custody, the four Wunderlich children were reunited with their parents, Dirk and Petra, in September. But now a family court judge refuses to return legal custody of the children to the parents. Read more about the Wunderlich family.


Calls Homeschooling Abusive “Straitjacket”


Following a hearing on December 18, 2013, in Darmstadt, Germany, Family Court Judge Marcus Malkmus slammed the door on the Wunderlich family’s emigration hopes. Lawyers for Dirk, Petra, and their children had asked the judge to return legal custody to the parents because they have complied with court orders that the children go to school and because they wish to move to France where homeschooling is legal.

In August 2013 the four Wunderlich children were seized in a raid by 20 police officers and social workers simply because they were being homeschooled, an activity that is illegal in Germany. After an international outcry, the children were returned three weeks later on the condition that the parents send them to public school. Testing conducted on the children during their stay in a group home indicated that they were well adjusted, social, and academically proficient.

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