Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lee-Jackson Day Lexington, Virginia 2014

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Lee-Jackson Dance will be held on Saturday evening (rather than a Friday Ball)
Updated (1/2/14).  Check back often for additional updates.

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January 17-18 2014


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I felt there were great principles to be maintained, a holy cause to be defended, and determined upon my course - R.E.Lee April 8, 1865

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  1. they should hold it somewhere else as lexington no longer wants us rebels in their high falluting town. sure, they want our money but they want us out of sight and mind because most of them are yankee carpetbaggers trying to appeal to the "equestrian scene". so i refuse to spend a red cent in lexington ever again, even though i live nearby and pass thru often. they MADE their little town off the backs of brave southern men, now they are ashamed of them. i hope they get smothered under their beloved horse crap.

    1. This is screwed as for a number of years they were staying in Buena Vista so as not to spend money in Lexington. Looks like they've backed down for whatever ridiculous reason, I don't know.