Sunday, February 16, 2014

Climate scientists slam Obama science czar’s ‘pseudo-science rambling’ on global warming
 Guess he was being kind stating "fooled" when it is crystal clear they are lying.

The night before President Barack Obama was set to address Californians stricken by a prolonged drought, White House science czar Dr. John Holdren told reporters that virtually all weather is being impacted by climate change and that droughts were getting “more frequent, they’re getting longer and they’re getting dryer.”

Two prominent climate scientists disagree. Former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer and University of Colorado climate scientist Roger Pielke, Jr. slammed Holdren for his “pseudo-science rambling.”

“The idea that any of the weather we are seeing is in any significant way due to humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions verges on irrationality,” Spencer wrote in his blog.



  1. Separation of Science and State would solve a lot of problems. It would eliminate conflict of interest on the part of researchers and politically motivated "research," and put an end to the evil practice of forcing people to fund, through their taxes, research they find morally repugnant. If a scientist can't find a way to fund his research through venture capital, corporate, foundation, or church sponsorship, voluntary donations, or crowdfunding, then he shouldn't be doing it.

    1. Agreed and that is precisely why Dr. Robinson (Homeschool curriculum) refused to have anything to do with the government and opened his own facility.