Sunday, February 16, 2014

Huntsville gun shop owner calls Remington plant news among 'best kept secrets in the history of Madison County'

Via Billy
 Remington Coming To Huntsville

Larry Barnett, owner of Larry's Pistol and Pawn on Memorial Parkway, said today's news that Remington Outdoor Co. plans to bring a major manufacturing plant to Huntsville "was one of the best kept secrets in the history of Madison County."

Sources told that work to bring the 500,000 square-foot, 2,000 employee plant here have been going on for nearly a year, but the news only broke this weekend, ahead of a planned Monday announcement.

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  1. I hope this means Remington is completely leaving New York State. After the final trashing of the Constitution by New York I penned a letter to Remington. In the letter I lamented in future gun purchases Remington would not be an option in the future. I own several Remington shotguns and rifles passed down from my dad and mom. However as long as Remington has manufacturing or offices in New York I could not support them. I will not have ONE CENT of my money paying taxes to New York State. I would love to have Remington available to purchase once again.

    Just as follow-on I have chosen not to purchase products manufactured in several of the communist states. If possible I will pay more to buy products that are not manufactured or based in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and California. If I can avoid giving one cent to support any of these governments I will purchase from a manufacturer in another state.