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GRNC High Risk Restaurant alerts enable you to identify restaurants, theaters and other assemblies for which admission is charged that post signs prohibiting concealed carry. It is important that you report posted restaurants, contact listed merchants to let them know why you are unable to patronize their businesses, and register your opinion on social media networks and review sites.

In particular, we ask that you contact the "focus merchant" listed below. We also ask that you take the listed steps to leave comments on website forms, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Below the Focus Merchant information, you'll also find a complete list of High-Risk Restaurants and Theaters. 

Review the list for merchants in  your city, and let them know you don't appreciate the anti-gun political statement they are making as part of their business model. Respectfully tell them that as long as they are posted against Conceal Handgun Permit-Holders, you're happy to take your dollars elsewhere; somewhere that is safer, somewhere where your rights are respected.

Below the High-Risk Restaurant list, you'll also find a "Welcome Back" list. 

These are the restaurants and venues that, after hearing from GRNC supporters like you, elected to remove their anti-gun signs, and return to the freedom-friendly side. E-mail or stop in and thank these merchants, but do not post on social networking or review sites.


To report posted merchants:

To find and contact posted merchants:

To buy GRNC High Risk Restaurant Cards (preferred):

To download High Risk Restaurant Cards (if you are unwilling or unable to buy them):

The current anti-gun "Focus Merchant" is North Carolina based:

Carolina Ale House

NOT ONE DIME for anti-gun Carolina Ale House!

  • Phone and E-mail Carolina Ale House corporate leadership (LM Restaurants).  Tell President Lou Moshakos that you will spend not one more dime at Carolina Ale House restaurants until he removes anti-gun postings. If the signs stay, let him know that your family will be dining elsewhere, places that aren't posted against lawful concealed carry; (800) 528-9945 /
  • Take to social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to warn others of the anti-gun policy at Carolina Ale House. Recommend to others that they spend not one more dime at the Carolina Ale House as long as it's posted against law-abiding gun owners.  
  • Send a message to Carolina Ale House on the restaurant's comments page. Inform them that it's bad business to turn away tens-of-thousands of paying customers who also happen to be law-abiding concealed handgun permit-holders. Let them know that, until the policy changes,  you will not spend one thin dime at their restaurants.
  • Offer reviews for the anti-gun Carolina Ale House on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Search for the Carolina Ale House nearest you, and leave a review.  

Use the chart below to find the high-risk restaurants and theaters in your area: 

  • Call and e-mail them to let them know that  you'll be spending your money elsewhere as long as they are posted;
  • Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to warn others that these are high risk establishment; 
  • Offer reviews on Yelp and (if applicable) TripAdvisor

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