Sunday, February 16, 2014

Glock @ 130, 200 and 300 Meters

Via Bearing Arms



  1. Ok, I hope no one is offended but I have to call Bravo Sierra on that video.
    I'm no ace pistol shot but after taking and passing with high scored, college algebra,
    Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry, 3 semesters of Calculus and Differential equations and after working as a surveyor's assistant for a couple of years I know a bit about mathematics and angles and distances.

    I don't own a Glock but on my pistol the front sight is about 1/8" wide and about that tall plus the rear sight extends 1/8" to either side of the front site as you see it when aiming. In other words that entire site picture covers an area 3/8" wide by 1/8" high.

    When the pistol is held at arms length that site picture would also cover an area that large directly in front of the pistol, obscuring it from view. The corners of that sight picture form angles with your dominant eye and those angles extend out all the way to the distance of the target. Assuming I have really long arms and the front sight is 1 meter from my eye those angle lines extend out to cover an area 3/8" x 1/8" for every meter x 300 meters. That equals a hidden area at the target of 900/8" x 300/8" which projects a box 112 1/2" wide and 37 1/2" tall or roughly 9' wide by 3' tall that is hidden by the sight picture at 300 meters. In reality I probably hold my pistol with the sights about 30" from my eye so it is even a bigger hidden spot than in my example.

    There is NO WAY a man shooting a pistol with open sights can hit a target roughly the size of a sheet of printer paper when he can't even see it behind the area hidden by his sights except by pure luck.

    That video is just plain BS.
    Think I'm crazy? Pick up your pistol or rifle with open sights. Pick out something you know the size of, say a speed limit sign or a bicycle or a man who is standing 300 meters away and see if you can even see him behind your sights.

  2. I'm guessing he would have to aim 100 high to hit at 300 and it seemed that he was aiming it fairly straight. Guess I need to view it again. The 130 would be difficult enough.

  3. That's right. I didn't even go into the drop calculations. There is just no way it's anything but luck if he hit it at all and I think they faked that.

  4. Just to test myself and make sure I hadn't blown my math calculations, this afternoon I held a ball point pen at arms length with the point up and sighted across the top of the ball at a round hay bale that was by my guess about 300 yards out. I hid the hay bale behind the pen point.

    1. So, you'd have to aim to the right of it, then move your weapon up as high as you might determine, then move it to the left to fire, although he had wind from right to left so that would have to been compensated for also. Now, I want to try it!:)