Friday, December 19, 2014

Confederate grave identified in possible cemetery theft in Georgia

Via Billy

After the discovery of a dug-up grave at Old Bethel Methodist Church last week, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office has released the identity of the Confederate soldier who was buried there.

The unearthed grave belongs to Lt. James A. Nichols, who was born in 1832 and died in 1866, about a year after the Civil War ended.

“Right now, it looks like with him being a first lieutenant in the Confederate army, they might have been looking for artifacts,” Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker said.

The investigation continues into a possible theft of the grave’s contents, but no one can be sure if anything is missing.


  1. Sickening. Going back to the days when hired drunks would dig up cadavers
    for their possessions. How low can one go. Hope there was a curse attached.