Friday, December 19, 2014

No Contract Plans


Posted per request

We’ve all heard phone plan horror stories of unexpected charges, fees and unsupported phone models.

You want to get out, but even breaking the cell plan contract will cost an alarming amount of money.

So you wait it out, losing money every day the plan is active. Maybe you need more minutes, or you want the latest Droid but can’t switch, or you’re just not sure what your financial situation will look like in four months. Why tie yourself down like that? Fortunately, service providers have responded to the public’s growing demand, and there are dozens of viable no contract plan options for consumers looking to stay connected without committing to anything long term.

On this site, we give the specs on various popular no contract plans, service providers, and phone models. Whether you’re looking to cut your bill, or you’re due for a new phone, we’re confident that with a little browsing, you’ll definitely find the no contract plan for you!


  1. After being on my former employer's Verizon plan (reduced rates), I switched jobs and also switched to a no-contract carrier (Cricket). I have to say they've been very good. Signal isn't quite as good as Verizon (3-4 bars instead of 4-5) but they haven't dropped a call in two months. I haven't had any trouble with them at all. And they are $45/month flat rate (no taxes or fees - the $45 is total out the door per month) for unlimited voice, texts and 3Gb data per month.

    1. I'm around that with AT&T and get 10Gb, but that's because there are 5 phones on the account. $225, 3 are mine and the other 2 relatives.