Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chinese State Media Wants All US Citizens Disarmed

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2nd Amendment

Apparently, people who live in human rights violation houses can throw stones! The Chinese State Media issued some demands this week, and it has Americans scratching their heads.

“The Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children.

The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.”

In an apparent effort to restrict information to their populace, the Chinese government wrote of a number of US mass shootings but failed to mention they were either stopped by a citizen legally carrying a firearm or otherwise only occurred in the controversial gun-free zones that critics say make prime targets for madmen.

The Chinese government states:

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    1. :) Seems they would have something better to do than waste time writing the piece.

  2. Perhaps they think that when they call in their debt from this country, we would be less troublesome if we were already disarmed when they move in and take over.

  3. Why do they make me repeat myself? Come get em if you can

  4. Always wanted to see a Cowboys Vs chinks "movie".

    1. We might have Cowboys v (your choice) before the chinks one. :)