Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Iran Intercepts Cargo Ship, US Moves to Respond

Via Billy

Iranian vessels fired upon a cargo ship flagged to the Marshall Islands Tuesday morning, forcing the ship to travel deeper into Iranian waters — and setting off another round of tensions between Iran and the US.

Col. Steven Warren, Pentagon spokesman, confirmed that Iranian patrol vessels intercepted the shipping vessel Maersk Tigris around 5 a.m. Washington time. At that time, the vessels ordered the ship to travel deeper into Iranian waters. It is not clear if the Maersk had inadvertently traveled into Iranian territory.


  1. "Although the Marshall Islands are a sovereign nation, the US has "full authority and responsibility for security and defense" of the islands." Of course the US controls
    the islands, what doesn't it control, by force.

  2. More info:

  3. Yes interesting. My instincts tell me provocation. Why? Based on the tyrannical
    history of the US massacres and so-called wars.