Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Blames Military Veterans for Baltimore Riots

Via Joe


***UPDATE: Via Twitter, Baldwin is bizarrely attempting to deflect blame away from herself.  I say bizarre because most of us first hear things from others. We then go through the grown-up process of filtering out anti-science smears. Baldwin chose to repeat this one:

After more than a year of CNN pouring gasoline all over America with hysterical, and oftentimes phony, stories of American racism, the left-wing network’s afternoon anchor Brooke Baldwin finally took it to the next level by blaming American veterans for the Baltimore riots.

More with video @ Breitbart


  1. Yeah, I caught that shit live (I'm now suffering another ulcer from monitoring enemy comms) She was "interviewing" Elijah Cummings when she said, and not surprisingly, he verbalized agreement with her statement.
    I was going to drop comments throughout the Patriot blogs
    about, but I stupidly thought that those who matter did not catch.
    Lesson learned.