Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Read the ‘Radical Islam’ Handout That Has Texas Teacher Under Fire From CAIR: ‘Won’t Be Tolerated’

Via Joe

 (Screengrab via KHOU-TV)

The truth hurts.

A teacher at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, is accused of handing out an unapproved, eight-page handout on “radical Islam” to students. The decision has resulted in backlash from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, parents and the school district.

More with video @ The Blaze


  1. Yup - can't have the chilrenz learning truth, now can we?
    CAIR - an org deserving of the terrorist title if ever there was one...

  2. CAIR is a terrorist organization, and every American (young & old) should be informed and know it. Muslims are, for the most part, rabid animals. Surely we have their donors and membership lists.

    1. Surely we have their donors and membership lists.

      Seems one of the sites should have them.

  3. So, um, where's the ability to download the so-called "document?"

  4. Divided people of America. These mud people have nothing in common with
    the traditions of America. I guess they need schools of their own too. Thanks
    to the teacher who has traditional American values. Why don't these mud
    people just go to Mexico or South America.

  5. indyjonesouthereApril 9, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    Hhhmm, the comintern gets real bitchy right off the bat when even one idea does not flow from their bussoms. Well, T.S.!