Wednesday, April 8, 2015

American Indians ban same-sex marriage

Via Bill

Image result for Native Americans BAN same-sex marriage!

Of course I don’t think Native Americans are bigots. I agree with them! But if liberals aren’t just out to get Christianity, I’m sure they’ll begin attacking Native Americans any day now, showing up at their bakeries and calling them bigots:
CBN NEWS – Months before the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue of gay marriage, Native American tribes have taken steps to defend traditional marriage.
Eleven tribes with a total membership approaching a million people will not recognize same-sex marriages.


  1. Now some gay couple will ask the American Indian bakery to make them a wedding cake.

  2. Of course, no one cares what Indians think. Their numbers are too small to be influential and they have squandered their power between full integration and full isolation.

    First they would have to build a bakery.

  3. And the Native Americans were called savages; look who is the real savages.