Monday, August 24, 2015

A Strategy for Anti-Establishment Conservatives

Via Red

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I believe that Jeb Bush’s campaign is dead in the water. His polling trajectory does not bode well for him. He is perceived as a moderate in general and is wrong on some issues in particular that are important to the GOP base, such as immigration and Common Core, but his bigger problem is that he simply doesn’t inspire enthusiasm in anyone. People who support someone other than Bush generally don’t hate Bush, they just don’t want him to be the nominee. And therein lies the rub. People don’t hate Bush, but they don’t love him either.

Donald Trump made what I believe to be an astute observation about Jeb Bush. He called him “low energy.” I make assessments of people for a living, and I have thought the same thing about Bush, especially since the first debate. He doesn’t appear to have the “fire in his belly,” and hence Republican voters don’t get fired up over the possibility of having him as their nominee. This is not a criticism. I’m sure Bush would make a fine neighbor.

It’s an observation. Not everyone is wired to run for and be President.


  1. a disgrace for someone named, "Jeb,"....has as much umhp as wet TP....