Monday, August 24, 2015

America's Promise

Via comment by Quartermain on People Along the Way: Dan Smoot
"This guy is great. I caught him on YouTube and he really rocks. Not only is he smart and well spoken, he would be a great role model for many young boys growing up.

Here is a link to his vids on YouTube:"

 More @ Dan Smoot


  1. OT:

    Here is an interesting blog to check out:

    Here are four of his recent gems:

    1. Thanks and I'll check them out. Listening to Dan Smoot in the background now.
      Remarkable. "Repeat we are a Democracy enough times until the citizens forget we are a Constitutional Republic."

    2. There is little point in getting angry at people who have been dead for a hundred years. It is completely insane to feel anger towards the distant descendants of such people. It is completely insane for the distant descendants of such people to feel guilt for the actions of their ancestors.

      Indeed, but it's all for a political objective, they care not one wit for logic or validity.