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Burns says Civil War was about 'slavery. slavery. slavery.' + Trump/Birthers are saying the N-word! (Well fancy that)

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Notice he cherry picks but one state out of all which seceded to supposedly prove his point.  Good little Useful Fool.

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 “We, the People of the State of North Carolina, in convention assembled, do declare and ordain…that the Ordinance adopted by the State of North Carolina in the Convention of 1789, whereby the Constitution of the United States was ratified and adopted…(is) hereby repealed, rescinded, and abrogated.

(The) Union now subsisting is hereby dissolved, and that the State of North Carolina is in full possession and exercise of all those Rights of Sovereignty which belong and appertain to a Free and Independent State.”

The Secession Convention of 1861 set the date of May 20th 1775 on the new State flag in honor of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence; as well as the “May 20th 1861” date emblazoned beneath the lone star.


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I cut off the first one at 5 minutes and won't bother with that this time.

"the Birther movement, of which Donald Trump is one of the authors of, is another, politer way of saying the N-word"

The most celebrated Civil War documentarian of the modern era said yesterday that the War Between the States' boiled down to one thing: "Slavery. Slavery. Slavery."

Long before Downton Abbey and Sherlock, 40 million viewers tuned into PBS to watch Ken Burn's acclaimed documentary, "The Civil War." The nine episode series won more than 40 industry awards and is widely regarded as contributing to a revival of interest in Civil War history and analysis.

 Burns is making the media rounds promoting an updated and remastered version of the series which will air September 7 – 11 to recognize the 150th anniversary of the end of the war and the 25th anniversary of the series.

More hogwash @ AL


  1. The first part on NC is nice to see, and refreshing to read...a reminder of what we could be........the second part is unfortunate that this liberal PC BS will be spread with much fanfare from the libtards....

    1. If the Civil War was about slavery, slavery, slavery ask Ken Burns to explain the north`s position that it was about preserving the Union until it was time for Lincoln`s re-election, the war was going badly & he needed the the hand full of votes the anti – slavery movement offered. The average person in the north at that time thought they were fringe lunatics.

      If it was only about slavery ask him why the south did not re-enter the Union as the Corwin Amendment offered by the U.S. Government promised the southern states they could keep their slaves forever if they would only return to the Union.

      Ask him about the Morill Tariff where southern cotton could not be sold directly to other countries but, had to pass through the north where it had a 40% tariff added to it.

      One would think that an “ acclaimed director “ would know all the major political components that caused that war. Evidently Mr. Burns is not the expert he would have everyone think he is on this subject.



      (My G, G Grandfather - Tariff Must Be Reduced)
      "The Tariff must be reduced; it was grinding the South to powder. The northern manufacturers were declaring dividends of 25 and 30 per cent per annum, while the poor farmer at the South could scarcely "make both ends meet." The Tariff must be reduced - it made the rich richer and the poor poorer."

  2. Mr. Lincoln's War was about tariffs, states rights, the Northern failure to adhere to the Constitution, i.e. the Fugitive Slave Law, and slavery in Western territories.

    In 1860 there were 18 free-states and 15 slave-states. It takes both houses of congress and 3/4 of the state legislatures to pass an Amendment. Assuming that the 15 slave-states held fast, My Confederate arithmetic indicates that there would have to be 60-states total, 45 of them being free-states, to pass an Amendment ending slavery. Do you really think the Southerners couldn't do simple arithmetic? We don't have 60-states now.

    As far as the Corwin Amendment goes, it forbade the federal government from contradicting a state law. Thus, if Mississippi had slavery the Feds could make no anti-slavery law. Mr. Lincoln was in full support. The Corwin passed both houses of Congress anf was in the ratification process. Ohio, and Maryland both passed it, but then Southern guns fired on Fort Sumter thus stopping the process.

    But one cannot undo a ratification. Once begun the process stops but it does not die. Thus, the Corwin Amendment is stioll on the books waiting for 3/4 of the legislatures to pass it.

    1. Lincoln On Original 13th Amendment

      1. I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.

      I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution--which amendment, however, I have not seen--has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service. To avoid misconstruction of what I have said, I depart from my purpose not to speak of particular amendments so far as to say that, holding such a provision to now be implied constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.

  3. To think that his propaganda films are put the alleged educational network.


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