Monday, August 24, 2015

New Rangers?

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Assuming that the post below is legit, this ranks right there with all the other nefarious stuff that Obama and his America hating minions are doing to our country. This is not about dissing women. This is about protecting the lives of our fighting men.


This from a friend who like me has many past military friends.  I believe his statement, as to the veracity of the report……..T

From a good friend, former Viet Nam U. S. Naval Aviator (F4’s off of flat tops) and USNA graduate (2-years behind McCain).

In keeping with the 'new military' and the "non-CIC" this is a believable story IMHO. I know the USNA grad very well that sent it to me and have a high degree of trust in him and the data he forwards. I do not know the Army Lt Col or his grand nephew but find it easy to believe his inputs considering the dumbing down of the military


I have read a couple of articles about the two Army women who have graduated from Ranger School. The articles were concomitant about the standards issue.

 I received the following from a very very good friend of 50 years and a Marine who eventually retired as an Army Lt Col. His source is his grand nephew who is an Army Capt and an Instructor at the Ranger School (RI).   My friend is an historian and a stickler for accuracy and sources.   I implicitly trust his retelling.

 I have assumed that the Army would be softer than the Marines on the women in the infantry issue. Although these grads aren't in the Infantry yet, it seems like only a matter of time. I would imagine that the pressure on USMC leadership will be brutal.
 The grand nephew's inputs:

Stand by for the hoopla from the Media, DACOWITS, DOD and the White House! Two female candidates passed Ranger School! (Both are officers and West Point graduates, jocks at the Academy, and specially-selected to "challenge" Ranger School.) Here, from someone on the inside, "is", as Paul Harvey used to say, "The rest of the story..."

 Here's the deal:

 What the media isn't telling you is that both were recycled 3 times in Darby phase, and twice more in Florida phase. This was reported at least by the Army Times as it happened. Standards were in fact lowered according to Ranger Instructors(RI's). Obama announced he would attend their graduation while they were barely entering 3rd phase, how did he know they would pass?

 Time was extended on road marches for them, along with weight of packs reduced, they were allowed more sleep than the men.

 Additionally all the women were given a 6 month prep course, provided nutritionalists and had a 2-star General as their evaluator, after their peer evaluators failed them. Also had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA).

 It is an insult to the women first off. If you had a little brother or little sister you will remember the moment where you were once again 'cheating' to let them win and they catch on and say 'stop let me do it', and then they do it, you gain the respect for them right there that can only be earned.

 These two women have been cheated of that, they were helped all the way. They know it, everyone knows it. If they had been able to actually pass just like the men, you'd see a different response.

 It's not wanting women to fail, it's not wanting women to stay out of your 'club', it's real life physiological differences. Men's VO2max is much higher than a woman's, less red blood cells mean less oxygen, they have less muscle mass. There are a host of other physical things that make a woman, even mentally stronger than a given man, have to work twice as hard to compete.

 When the working day in British factories, under wartime conditions, was increased from ten to twelve hours, accidents among women increased 150 percent; the rate of accidents among men did not increase.

 If a woman were to pass Ranger School under the same standards she would deserve two tabs!

 The men who have failed the course in the past, who would have made it too had they had a lighter pack, more sleep, longer times, multiple recycles, brass as peers and a president who had scheduled to attend their already-decided graduation etc, well they now have a legitimate complaint. Where is their Ranger tab?


  1. The SOLE purpose of the Rangers is to kill people and break things. Period. Question; how does having female Rangers make the Rangers better at killing people and breaking things? Every institution and culture has its' fashion trends and their own version of the next great thing. It seems that the military has taken equal opportunity to it's politically correct absurd conclusion of their is some kind of gender injustice if elite units, which had zero problems in being an elite unit, now must have women in the ranks. One of THE most unforgivable things you can say in our current culture, is that there are certain places and occupations where women do NOT belong.
    Again, what is the point of making women Rangers? Here male standards are THE standard. Note too, again, stating the obvious that an elite any thing is by nature discriminatory. Not all males who want to be Rangers, can be one. If you want to be a fighter pilot, you have to have perfect vision. It seems to be an adult version of a child's temper tantrum whine of "That's not FAIR! He gets to do it, so why can't I?"
    Those women who want to be the "equal" of men, are here being lied to. What they are not being told is that all those years of pushing and abusing your body to meet the demands of the military will come back in x number of years in the future to bite you in the ass. Your body will let you know that there is a price that will be paid for all those years of doing what the military demanded of you. Don't believe me? Then go to any VA hospital and see for yourself. Talk to those old guys with worn out knees, bad backs, hearing loss, bad lungs or hearts.

    " If a woman were to pass Ranger School under the same standards she would deserve two tabs! "
    Useless speculation, the women did NOT meet the same standards as the men. They had to be given a lower standard and with special exemptions that were not given the average male trooper trying to earn the tab. The two gals in the above photo, could not even wear the tab per Army regulations. Had that been a male, there would have been an on the spot correction given. So taken as a whole I am NOT impressed at all.

    1. an adult version of a child's temper tantrum whine of "That's not FAIR! He gets to do it, so why can't I?"

      It's a liberal/commie thingy.

    2. Minor point. Those tabs in the picture are pinned on at the award ceremony, thus not worn correctly with Velcro. Its a ceremony thing. No one else's is perfect either. That's how they always do it. I'm sure their real tabs wil be attached correctly.


    3. Velcro wasn't invented when I was in. :)

    4. When I got mine they were pinned on with a safety pin too because the old korean women weren't fast enough to sew them on during the ceremony.


    5. Dern, you should have had them take their sewing machine to the graduation.......:)

  2. For those who may have missed it, the Navy
    has released a statement declaring that
    this proves female sailors should now be
    admitted to BUDS.
    - Report: Women could be allowed into Navy SEALs -
    "So we're on a track to say, "Hey look, anybody who can meet the gender non-specific standards, then you can become a SEAL."
    What the fuck are "gender non-specific standards?"
    Call me crazy, but what little I know about BUDS is that
    the only way to successfully complete that initial training
    is by meeting strict and specific STANDARDS.

    And on a different but related note: Actress Julianne Moore and Hollywood producer Bruce Cohen want a new name for their old high school in northern Virginia, named for a Confederate general.

    1. Thanks, Moore and her fellow Useful Fool should go back to their sandbox and leave us the hell alone.

  3. Two old ladies laying in a bed.

    One rolled over and to the other said,

    "I wanna be an Airborne Ranger!"

    "I wanna live a life of danger!"

  4. Put all the girls in their own unit - no guys to bail them out. Of course, that would just be mean now wouldn't it. What kind of person would take these different standards for success than the men and consider this a success? Soeotoro set out to destroy our country, put the final blow to our military, and all without a whimper or resistance from the "other side." This all goes along with the internal attacks in our cities by the BGI and illegal alien criminals.

    1. If they really passed the same test as the men, then more power to them, but I doubt we will every know the truth, since if it isn't as depicted by the administration, we shall never know until a truthful one is installed, if ever.

  5. Hiya Brock,

    Lots of emotion and opinion on this issue. I found the following illuminating:

    Also, it's my understanding that Ranger School is a leadership school and passing doesn't mean automatic assignment to the regiment. Most(?) grads go back to their non-ranger units and pursue non-ranger careers greatly enhanced by what they learned at the school.

    As always I'm open to being wrong, but I have trouble seeing this as the pussification of the Rangers.


    1. If the link is 100% truthful, I would agree. I could care less about where they went to the bathroom, but IF some were passed without the same stringent requirements of all who went before, then that is another matter. Thanks.

  6. No offense I love females, God made a wonderful thing from Adam's rib but all this does it satisfy the PC police and DEGRADES our fighting forces.....