Monday, August 24, 2015

Officer and Suspect Draw On Each Other In Close Firefight

Via Carl

"This is a video from an officer with body camera. It takes place in a restaurant where the male officer wearing the camera approaches a theft suspect in the restroom of the restaurant and asks him to step outside. The male officer leads the suspect outside while a female officer escorts the suspect from behind.

Once outside, the suspect pulls a gun and the male officer does what he is trained to do. Nice shooting. Police involved shooting - you won't see this on the news. This is just what survival shooting instructors teach, you shoot and you keep shooting until you have neutralized the threat.

I timed it and he gets off 13 shots in five seconds , hand as steady as a rock. I think 12 of the shots hit the perp. This shows the value of officer worn video cameras. This video shows just how fast it can happen out there. I don't think the female officer ever got a round off. Its a Glock doing what a Glock is designed to do."


  1. That's why I love my glock 19. It just works. Comfortable with good capacity, and the 9mm is a decent round.

    1. Thanks and something no one wants to get involved it, needless to say.

    2. Yeah, that escalated rather quickly

    3. Can't believe he was stupid enough to pull a gun on two cops just be arrested for burglary.

  2. Been on vacation without web access so this is a little late.

    A good shoot BUT!......He did not do a tactical reload and failed to check his 'six' and other points after the shoot to make sure the guy did not have any buddies lurking around. What if there had been more, there were only a few rounds left in that mag and the female cop was just as focused on the perp as he was.

    I know this is armchair quarterbacking but his training broke down after the shoot, or maybe it didn't depending if he wasn't taught that. Even in training you tend to get tunnel vision, ask me how I know, but you really need to check everywhere after a shoot to make sure there are no more threats or get to cover and then check.

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  3. What, no #whitelivesmatter protest?