Thursday, August 20, 2015

AZ Sheriff Takes Dr. Ben Carson on Helicopter Tour Of Cartel Sites

Via Cousin John

CAPTION FOR PHOTO: This photo is of a cave in which scouts for the Mexican drug cartels serve as outlooks for smugglers traversing through the valley down below. According to Sheriff Babeu and his pilot, this cave is about 68 to 70 miles inside the U.S. border with Mexico.

“Nobody does,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu told Breitbart News when asked who has operational control of this region of the United States of America.

Babeu was on a helicopter tour of Mexican drug cartel scout locations in caves in the side of mountains throughout the desert about 70 miles inside the U.S. border. Essentially, that means U.S. sovereignty is gone for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles throughout the American southwest.

Babeu was leading the helicopter tour with Dr. Ben Carson, a GOP presidential candidate, after briefing Carson on everything happening at the border.

More with video @ Breitbart

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