Thursday, August 20, 2015

Five Serious Truths About Illegal Immigration That GOP Candidates Have To Accept

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 Number One: We Americans have an absolute right to decide who does and doesn’t come into our country and the conditions under which they may do so.

Number Two: If you commit a crime, you get tossed out.

Number Three: Build a real wall, across the whole damn border, and guard it.

Number Four: Send illegals home by enforcing hiring practices through civil law.

Number Five: No pathway to citizenship. Ever.


Hey, GOP primary losers, you better get out there fast with a real immigration plan, because right now you are losing to Donald Trump and that makes you the epitome of loserdom. But unlike Trump, you should be serious about ending the illegal immigration nightmare. His supporters are. Hell, his opponents are, too. Yet some of you haven’t just flirted with amnesty – Rubio tried yet couldn’t score, but donor class puffball Jeb Bush has gotten to third base with amnesty and is trying to round home.

“Act of love” indeed.

Some of you and the GOP Establishment (yeah, it exists) don’t think illegal aliens are a problem. They are. And the people suffering aren’t yahoos and rubes hatin’ on them brownpeople from Mex-eeee-ko. They are fellow Americans who see their property overrun and stolen, their children murdered by gangbangers or slaughtered by drunk drivers, and their taxes raised to pay for the medical care and schooling of people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

And when they protest, at best, the establishment ignores their complaints about their country being disrespected and its laws flouted. More often, they get lectured by some sanctimonious, sheltered suit like Jeb about how they need to just shut up and suck it up.

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  1. Maybe a side point here, but I noticed something today. At work they had the Bloomberg market channel on tv. There is unrest in numerous countries right now due to immigrants and refugees as well as unrest in the global financial markets.
    Makes me wonder if all the tinkering this country, as well as others, have done with removing dictators and screwing with emerging markets is indeed coming home to roost.
    Most countries are broke, with just a thin facade of their former selves to display to the sheeple. Add in mass migration and your looking at a straw that can break the camels back. Big cities here in the US are seeing a double digit spike in the percentage of crime.
    Things are fittin to get rough around here I do believe. Brock, I hope at the fall patcon an issue can be addressed. That of tribe. It is essential to group up.

    1. Could well be and if nothing else there is a roundtable as the last event on Saturday.

  2. Ok, great. I should have things mailed off to you in a week or two.

    1. Thanks, I'll post a month notice and last call for payments: NLT 18 September.

  3. If those drones can take out a wedding party in Pakistan, why can't they do the same on our border?

    As to the invasion of Europe right now...hmmm...are we noticing a pattern of planned CHAOS here and abroad. Just wait until school starts and your little darlings are sitting next to these children with who knows what health problems. Just read that new cases of lice are showing up in the schools already in session that OTC drugs are not touching. Hoo boy!

  4. Agree with the 5 points...seems basic though looking at our legislators if it doesn't fit their,"intere$t," they're not interested.