Thursday, August 20, 2015

University: A Death Cult for the Middle Classes?

Via comment by Quartermain on Academic Fascism

Top universities are just like cults when you think about it. 

The students think they have 'special knowledge' others do not have for being within the institution. There are all kinds of sensory deprivation rituals, such as gruelling exam studies, hazing and behavioural controls via extreme political correctness to the use of cult-like buzz phrases such as 'microagressions' and chanting.

The 'elders' are the Professors who are the high priest class, who will only give you their 'approval' if you question nothing and do only what they tell you to do. There is the buffer of 'Campus Jesuits' called Fraternities who police the lesser adepts for the benefit of the Elder Professor Class. You can only read what they tell you to read and think only what they tell you to think. You are denied a meaningful love life and stable intimacy with someone you can trust, and your friendships are all with people exclusively within the same campus social circle. 

Diets are limited and proving your worth and unconditional devotion is EVERYTHING. You are isolated from your old social networks and family. You even have hymns and special vestments devoted to the glory of the institution and you consider yourself an 'elite' for doing everything you are told to do and questioning nothing. 


  1. And for an outrageous cost you can have a official certified suitable for framing piece of paper (aka "degree"), having taken as an article of faith that said piece of paper will bring you the heaven on earth of the good paying job for the upper middle class life style with all the toys, material idols, paid vacations, full medical and dental benefits and soul enriching work, along with high social status. The hell on earth being a low paying job if any and being so far in student loan debt, that one will never have the life style that the parents did. So kiss off home, car and family cause you have that student loan debt. Meanwhile, back on campus your most exalted professors don't give a s--t about you; they have tenure and a paper to write. The banks and are laughing their collective asses off, cause you are now a surf to them until you have that student loan debt paid off. By the way, they know that most of you are dumb enough to pass on to your children, should you have any, the same myth, lie and BS that you believed in.

  2. Here is the comment I left on Mr. Sheridan's post:

    Every parent and young people thinking about college should this post not once but many times until it sinks in.

    I wish my parents and I knew this 36 years ago. Would have saved us a lot of time and money.

    What's amazing is that many parents get angry with their offspring for the nonsense they spout out after a semester or two, when they should be angry with the idiot professors.

    The colleges/universities have also wrecked the arts among other things.