Thursday, August 20, 2015

Final Passage of Ordinance to Remove Forrest Statue, but litigation against the action is regarded as certain

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 Despite numerous witnesses protesting the action, the Council voted 11-1 to remove Forrest statue. - JB

On Monday came, as expected, the City Council’s approval, on the third and final reading, of an ordinance “to transfer ownership of the equestrian statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest and to remove and relocate said statue from the City of Memphis’ Health Sciences Park.”

And tucked into the ordinance, as a sort of tardy, even anti-climactic, after-thought, was a clause ratifying the Council’s decision of February 3, 2013, to rename said park along with two other downtown parks, Memphis Park, formerly Confederate Park, and Mississippi River Park, formerly Jefferson Davis Park.


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    1. Pray that a lawsuit is successful. You never know, they might find one honest judge.......