Monday, September 28, 2015

Obama’s dangerous drive to make US combat troops co-ed

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What is bemusing is the arrogance of those who deem themselves so superior to the rest of society and to every one who came before them. After all, what could some one who lived 300 years ago, know that is would the bother to read? Could it be, that those who lived way back when, did in fact know what they were talking about? To use the line from the Fall Out games; War, war never changes. Troops are still needed to take ground, and then to hold it. The basics are still the same. Soldiers still need a weapon (s), a uniform/body armor, a pack to carry things in. A woman can squeeze the trigger on a sniper rifle just as well as a man can. But when it comes to humping a ruck (with above mentioned 100 pounds of gear) in the field, where your objective is 20 klicks away, a woman just can't do it as well as a guy. This current cult of making any thing and every thing gender-blind is more than misguided, it is insane.

Take another look at the female troops in the above photo; what is going to be the likely outcome should the fighting goes from shooting to hand-to-hand combat? They should also get in touch with reality that if captured by the enemy, they WILL BE raped. Military service is hard on the body. If you have any doubts, just visit an VA hospital and take a good hard look at all the men of have premature worn out bodies. Those gals above are going to have, foot problems, bad knees, bad backs. joint pains, hearing loss, likely to have reproductive problems. emotional problems, and cancer from being exposed to toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, back at the home front, their own politicians will consider them to expendable when they are no longer useful to the moneyed interests that sent them into harms way.

As I see it, the Marine Corp just wasted $36 million on a study that if they had studied military history and their own history, they would have known that putting women into traditional male only combat roles is an insane idea. If a collage age gal can not handle and must be protected from a guy making a "sexist" comment, then what the hell is she going to do, when some guy is trying to kill her? Come back whining that her leaders lied to her? Well, no s--t Sherlock!


  1. IMHO, it was a mistake to insert female in predominately male companies during basic training. I was in during the early '80's so I don't know for sure, whose bright idea that was.

    1. I should have been born about 1800 and going out in style fighting Yankees.

      The Lord's Name In Vain
      "Brock, it is permissible to take the Lord's name in vain if you are referring to Yankees."

      Ellen Douglas Pippen Townsend
      (My mother was a devout Episcopalian, and was not being facetious. BT)

  2. I've said it before women are wonderful, God made a beautiful thing but they weren't intended for this ...what a joke....

  3. This article is from 'People' magazine of all places. Was detoured to the site:
    Then we have the Navy:
    An insult to all the armed forces. Sissified military.

    1. Thanks and this verifies my previous one in August.