Monday, September 28, 2015

New York DA bans gun ownership by… prosecutors

Via Jonathan

Will the last sane person to leave New York please remember to shut off the lights?

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas has an interesting policy in place for the prosecutors working for her office. They’re not allowed to have handguns. I don’t mean they can’t bring them into court or into their office. They can’t own them and they can’t apply for a permit. It’s a condition of employment with the DA’s office. The world has officially gone insane. (NRA-ILA)

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  1. If any of those prosecutors had any guts they would all quit or transfer out. Hard to win cases without them. Stupid bastards. When I was 16 my parents moved from New York to California (which was a nice state back then, although the elder Brown was governor). It was the best thing they ever did. Thanks, Mom & Dad

    1. I was there after Vietnam (1975) until I went back in 1992. My two eldest Daughters, Emily and Virginia attended San Clemente High School and there was no PC, drugs or anything that you hear about today, though I imagine it has changed some since then, though it is in Orange County which at least used to be conservative. Fallbrook was/is? even more so.

  2. In Alabama, a District Attorney is a sworn officer of the law with powers to arrest. I don't understand that mentality or the lack of resistance.