Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pope’s Philadelphia Police State: TSA Checks Just To Move Around City

Via Cousin Joel

Pope philadelphia police state

Comments are brutal, as they should be.

When the mainstream media starts to refer to a situation in the US as a police state, it’s probably time to worry.  TSA agent checkpoints on every block, a massive barricade enclosing the city, military and army officers on every corner, and police dogs are just a few things that show how fast a major city could be turned into a martial-law type environment.  And this is all for the Pope?

According to a fascinating report from NBC Philadelphia (where the Pope will be for the next 2 days):

Fencing blocked off areas starting just east of City Hall, requiring people in that area to walk north to Cherry Street, where security checkpoints were set up, if they need to get inside the perimeter.

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