Saturday, September 26, 2015

Feminists vs Facts & Logic: This is Gonna Get Ugly Logic and facts are to feminists what holy water and sunlight is to vampires

Via comment by Quartermain on We’re Sorry For Producing Our Cisgendered Son

 Feminists vs Facts & Logic: This is Gonna Get Ugly

When confronted with reason and coherence, feminists flee to their “safe spaces,” petrified that coming face to face with the truth about their batshit crazy beliefs will leave them “triggered” for life.

During a recent ‘Slutwalk’ in Edmonton, The Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern once again highlighted the stunning incompetence of feminists when it comes to defending their viewpoints.

WARNING: These clips may cause spontaneous fits of uncontrolled laughter.

 1) Feminist says I don’t need to give you facts, because I don’t have any

2) Male feminist can’t even explain what his sign means

3) Feminist says rape allegations should be believed without evidence

4) Feminist says being catcalled is the same as being stoned to death

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  1. Another good vid about the SJW (Screeching Jackass Whiners):

    Everything is Sexist (Music Video)