Sunday, December 27, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter and Islamic Radicals Have the Same Bosses?

Via Billy

There was all manner of "information" spread across the Internet in recent days about a big Black Lives Matter protest  that those people were going to hold at the Mall of America in Minneapolis over Christmas weekend. They were going to force shoppers to endure their leftist propaganda in order to finish their shopping and I guess they figured on intimidating many of the businesses there, quite possibly to wring some sort of concessions out of them now or later. However, their balloon burst before they quite got it all the way blown up.

Seems that lots of the business owners there didn't feel they wanted to put up with all that hassle and so they just shut down early and went home, and lots of police showed up and what was supposed to be a major propaganda event with about 3,000 protesters ended up with a fizzled-out group of about 600 who never really got to protest. Poor babies! I just bet it ruined their whole weekend!


  1. Love it.
    and I'd love to see it on every bus, train, and billboard within 100 miles of every major city in the country.