Sunday, December 27, 2015

San Clemente, Fallbrook, San Onofre Camp Pendleton, Madera and Capistrano Beach

With Paul on our adult chairs. :)

John on the right and his family came to Dixieland to visit some years ago. We lived next to him in San Clemente for many years where the side yards were very small.  Since I had but one bathroom and many girls, I frequented watered my peach tree nightly.  If John was outside he would yell "Brock, what are you doing? :)  I taught Virgina to shoot a .22 in the same side yard, a matter which would be quickly frowned upon today.

Camp Pendleton camping

This and the following three are at Charlene's house in Madera.  She came to visit last year in Cape Carteret. She is seriously contemplating joining a cloistered convent and if so, many hearts will be broken and among them her kindergarten class.

Roughing it. :)

Ella, Miss Ballet


Emily and Virginia in the middle.

My cake, courtesy of Olivia
Dylan and Bonnie with Sophia, Olivia and Isaac William.
Seven years ago below

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