Sunday, December 27, 2015

GEORGE WILL AND CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Don’t You Get It? You Fools Helped Create Donald Trump!

Via Michael 


Longtime "conservative" columnists George Will and Charles Krauthammer are apoplectic about the possibility that Donald Trump may become the Republican Party's nominee for President.

Will's recent temper tantrum in print implied that the establishment should consider support for Hillary Clinton and asserted that the GOP may splinter because the party leadership didn't get its way.

Similarly, Krauthammer has been a constant critic of Trump's run, calling him a "rodeo clown" and "deeply bigoted" for his proposal to suspend Muslim immigration* until the San Bernardino terror attack can be deconstructed.

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  1. Whether Trump be one thing or another, we know exactly what Hillary is. These clowns are recommending her? Something stinks.

  2. We gave them the House and the Senate. They all went to Washington and gave Obama everything he wanted. All establishment Republicans and RINOs and their supporting minions are part of the problem. That includes these two minions. And none of them seem to understand the problem. I am amazed at their lack of comprehension.