Wednesday, January 20, 2016

POLICE: Victim on life support after severe beating from Louisville suspect

Via Nancy "One was a Russian man who may not survive the brutal attack...Never shows his photo or tells of his race. Controlled media in action as usual."

 Russhawn Townsend (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

  The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has arrested a suspect Louisville Metro Police say beat two men -- one of them so severely he was eventually placed on life support.
According to an arrest warrant, it happened on New Year's Day at the White Castle on Bardstown Road, near Hikes Lane.

More with video @ WDRB


  1. Not sure how to add links but in anniston al a black thug drug dealer was caught destroying a white mans truck at walmart by the truck owner. cause it had a conferate flag on it and the black did not like it and the white man shot the black drug dealer at his house o the low life want to destroy and protest. Its in anniston star paper

    1. Thanks and I didn't find it, but if you copy the link and paste it as comment is all I need. Should look something like below.