Friday, February 19, 2016

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback 1 of 2 Built in This Color Combination

Like 1969, the 1970 Boss 429 was offered in only five exterior paint choices. However, the colors were updated for the Boss 429’s second year to highlight Ford’s new eye-grabbing “Grabber” paints—Blue, Orange and Green. The bright, orangey Calypso Coral was also available. And then there was Pastel Blue, a color more associated with passive art deco than road-ripping performance. Only 18 of the 500 Boss 429s built for 1970 were delivered in Pastel Blue, a shade designed to replicate a Diamond hue blue, so pale that it could easily be mistaken for Ford’s more common Wimbledon White. The majority of Pastel Blue 1970 Boss 429s came with the black interior; only two of the 18 were equipped with the white interior. According to Boss 429 expert Ed Meyer, that makes it the lowest production of all Boss 429 exterior/interior color combinations.

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  1. Very nice and thanks for sharing. While not a BOSS, I had a 1970 fastback Mustang that was "grabber green". It had the "C" stripe that was reflective white (like the BOSS'). I was 15-16. It was nice car with factory paint, interior, etc. It had a 351 Windsor in it with a four speed transmission (I'm not sure if the engine was factory, but I believe the manual transmission was. It was a "fast car" , but a good car. Two of my best friends at that time owned '70 BOSS 302's. One was orange and one was red. The guy who owned the orange one got the car in very condition about 1977. The only thing it was missing an engine. He put a stock 302 in it and drove it much of the time he was in high school. In the mid-nineties he came across a factory BOSS 302 engine at a Ford show and bought it. He has since fully restored and still owns that orange BOSS. It is strange we are discussing this as I saw this friend at the doctors office today. I had not seen in him in quite a while. As a side note, one of my other best friends owned a 1969 fastback Mustang. I never was a huge Ford fan, but I liked (and still do) the ponies. I wonder where my old green machine is today! This has prompted me to post over at TheFeralIrishman. Check it out later.

    1. Thanks.

      My first car was a '59 Ford Galaxie (292 auto)after Daddy bought a '63 Ford Galaxie. ( Sure wish he had gotten the '63 1/2)I traded my mother a piano I had inherited for it. (Easy decision for me after my mother finally gave up trying to teach me piano!) She later gave it to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church which used it in the parish hall behind the main church. The hall burned down later, and everything was lost except the piano which did not have a mark upon it. Strange.

      I then had a'65 Hi-Po, 4 speed fastback and later on a '68 Torino 428, 4 speed.