Friday, February 19, 2016

Confederate Battle Flag & SC Primary (Excellent Trump & Haley+)

Via Mike


  1. Rally around Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? What the hell has happened to S.C.

    Please run this Sundance post before election tomorrow.

    1. Thanks.

  2. Lets make this simple.....
    Rubio and Nimrata Haley both are Anchor Baby's....Rubio's parents were Cuban Citizens 5 years after his birth and Nimrata's parents were Indian Citizens 4 years after her birth.

    Marco Rubio is a Naturalized Citizen, he is Constitutionally barred from holding the Offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, just as is Nimrata Haley.
    Both do not meet the Requirements of Natural Born Citizen.

    Both Marco Rubio and Nimrata Haley have betrayed their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution. They are betraying the American people and the Citizens of South Carolina and placing us in harms way.

    Nimrata is encouraging the unconstitutional eligibility of of the 10 million anchor baby's born in America to Illegal Aliens to the offices of the Presidency...

    Think about it...They are saying that anchor baby's born upon American soil are Eligible for our two highest offices.
    That also includes foreign born Muslims, Russians, Asians and of course Canadians...

    Our Framers installed the Natural Born clause in Article II to prevent foreign influences in our two highest offices of the Presidency.

    One must be Born upon American Soil to TWO PARENTS who are American Citizens...

    These people are making allowances for Queen Noor and King Hussein's 4 Muslim Children...For Princes Grace and Prince Rainier III children of Monaco...

    This is not what our Framers intended and anyone who supports this usurpation of our Constitution are traitors...
    Nimrata Haley is a criminal, first generation American who has betrayed our Constitution and Conservatives are elevating her with their praises...

    Vote for Trump and stop this insanity.

    1. Thanks.