Friday, February 19, 2016

A Reminder For South Carolina Voters – Cold Anger!

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After many months of professional political punditry “gaslighting” Americans, the patriots in South Carolina enter their moment to have their voices heard.  A visible and quantifiable moment to clearly state our refusal to be co-dependents in our national demise….

We Remember – December 23rd 2009 when Majority Leader Harry Reid passed a version of Obamacare through forced vote at 1:30am. The Senators could not leave, and for the two weeks previous were kept in a prolonged legislative session barred returning to their home-state constituencies. It was, by all measures and reality, a vicious display of forced ideological manipulation of the upper chamber; shared as a reminder for what set the stage, and what followed.

Riddled with anxiety we watched the Machiavellian manipulations unfold, seemingly unable to stop the visible usurpation. Desperate for a tool to stop the construct in December 2009 we found Scott Brown and rallied to deliver $7 million in funding, and a “Kennedy Seat” victory on January 19th 2010.


  1. Thank you, I am sure your blog has some sway with your neighboring State.

    The apprehension I feel is like that of a child on Christmas morning for today's election.

  2. That's a brilliant read. Go to the link; read it all. Do not miss it.

    I've saved this to my political folder. So my kid will have some context as to why the US is a smoking shit hole in 20 years.

    1. my kid will have some context as to why the US is a smoking shit hole in 20 years.

      Excellent idea.