Sunday, July 31, 2016

European Commission Juncker: No matter how bad migrant crisis, jihadi terrorism get, we’ll never give up on open borders

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Luxembourg Prime Minister and Eurogroup president Jean-Claude Juncker gestures on Febuary 15, 2010 during the final press conference of an Eurogroup meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Greece's eurozone partners agreed that it would be "unwise" to go public with the detail behind moves to offer Athens bailout aid over its bulging debt hangover. "We did not want to go public today with the measures we are putting in place, because we don't think it would be wise to discuss publicly the instruments" being prepared, said eurozone chief Jean-Claude Juncker. AFP PHOTO /GEORGES GOBET

The powerful European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, has vowed that “no matter how bad terrorism or the migrant crisis gets, the European Union will never give up on open borders”. In fact, migration is one of his “top policies”. The severity and absurdity of his words are a provocation to the victims of jihadist terror and crime that have ravaged Europe.

In Juncker’s view, wide open borders is “one of the four fundamental freedoms of the founding Treaty of Rome. It is an inviolable principle.” The Treaty of Rome was intended to be about economic solutions, unity, solidarity, peace, fairness, etc. — in other words, good intentions for the whole. To hold the view of indiscriminate open borders no matter what happens is a reckless abandonment of responsible leadership.

Juncker is known as an odd character anyway with his “happy slaps, rambling speeches and jaw-dropping insults”.. David Cameron once had to “fend off” Juncker’s attempts to hit him in the face. His absurd comment about the migrant crisis should come as no surprise, given his expect-anything type of persona; but appallingly, Juncker’s view is shared by many Western leaders today, as the strange leftist-jihadist alliance continues to work to the detriment of democratic values and free societies.

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  1. The elites are all in on the destruction of Western Civilization. There is only way to stop them. And it's going to get ugly.


  2. These people need to have a very intimate relationship with a lamp post. The sooner the better.