Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Syria: Their War, Not Ours

 Syria: Their War, Not Ours

The debacle that is U.S. Syria policy is today on naked display.

NATO ally Turkey and U.S.-backed Arab rebels this weekend attacked our most effective allies against ISIS, the Syrian Kurds.

Earlier in August, U.S. planes threatened to shoot down Syrian planes over Hasakeh, and our Iraq-Syria war commander, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, issued a warning to Syria and Russia against any further air strikes around the city.

Who authorized Gen. Townsend to threaten to shoot down Syrian or Russian planes — in Syria?

When did Congress authorize an American war in Syria? Is the Constitution now inoperative?


  1. Since I've been confused by it all, not understanding who is on which side, and whether any are friend or foe, this article lays out a good explanation, and particularly notes that any American involvement is a direct violation of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America.

    We need to bring the troops home - - - NOW ! ! !

    They're needed on the Mexican Border.

    I've reposted this on my FACEBOOK page and my GOOGLE PLUS page.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    You're providing a critically essential Internet service.

    1. Thank you and the US is trying to overthrow an internationally recognized government in Syria and has invaded the country. Have we no shame? Not commies.

  2. Just what are our interests over there other than to create chaos upon the orders of George Soros - then he rakes in more money and power for his Rothschild BFFs. Our Govt. is a full-on mercenaries now. I am glad that Russia is there protecting its ally. As soon as Trump is POTUS, he needs to bring all the troops home and post them along both the Canadian and Mexican borders. Then let ICE do their job detaining and deporting. No more immigration at all until this is all sorted out. No more refugees from muslim hellholes.

  3. Erdogan is going after his own terrorists. The ISIS is sponsored and supported by the Turkish High command.