Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Are Voters So Angry?

Via David

 They want self-government back.

Haunting this year’s presidential contest is the sense that the U.S. government no longer belongs to the people and no longer represents them. And this uneasy feeling is not misplaced. It reflects the real state of affairs.

We have lost the government we learned about in civics class, with its democratic election of representatives to do the voters’ will in framing laws, which the president vows to execute faithfully, unless the Supreme Court rules them unconstitutional. That small government of limited powers that the Founders designed, hedged with checks and balances, hasn’t operated for a century. All its parts still have their old names and appear to be carrying out their old functions. But in fact, a new kind of government has grown up inside the old structure, like those parasites hatched in another organism that grow by eating up their host from within, until the adult creature bursts out of the host’s carcass.

This transformation is not an evolution but a usurpation.

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  1. A recent survey in Florida found that as many as 25% of voters in the presidential primary had never voted before. Even more had not voted in ad many as the last four presidential primaries. It further found that these people, what the survey called "the monster vote" were not being captured in any of the typical polls ad they are not considered "likely voters". The MSM must be shutting themselves. Good.

  2. I am angry about the DHS thingy. It was mentioned on the
    corporate media tele tonite about Russian hackers and the election.
    I am much more concerned about the US gov hackers than Russia.
    And then along comes a spider................seems to be a
    first time for everything this presidential election:

    1. Thanks. http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/08/department-of-homeland-security-looking.html