Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Nasty, Bloody Business

 How far we have fallen.

With all of the focus being on the impending election; the crimes committed by Clinton and the faux pas committed by Trump, few are thinking past the call. Having passed through the looking glass into a third world society where dictators make laws with a pen and a phone and elections are manipulated by close friends of a particular candidate, all neatly covered up by a press corps obsessed with hobnobbing with the political elite, how is one to look past November 8th with anything other than trepidation?

It is no longer a question of "if" the election will be rigged in favor of the Democrat, that has been admitted to with pride by Scott Foval, describing in detail that they have been successfully rigging elections as far back as the Kennedy Administration. How close was the election of 1960 anyway? A squeaker, if I recall. Hmmm. It has been admitted, albeit through hidden camera, that the ruckus caused in Chicago between Trump supporters and Trump protestors was a product of Foval's method of election tampering.

Prosecutions for election tampering? Not in the Obama Administration, not with this Attorney General, not with this FBI.

Does it really matter who wins now?


  1. Collapse of the empire. All done by design. Sad days ahead.
    Regarding the video, they learned survival skills. Today,
    not needed. Most live in the city with a McDonalds down the
    road. I remember going with a friend in northern Maine to
    visit her relatives out in the country. We, four of us,
    slept on a feather mattress with a pile of blankets. The
    best sleep I ever had. The house was warmed by a big black
    stove. They can take this technology and cram it up their
    ...! When I first moved to North Carolina, long ago, many
    lived this way. I suppose much of this is long gone with
    gov intrusion.

    1. I suppose much of this is long gone with gov intrusion.

      Feather beds! Horrors! Feather beds contribute to global warming/cooling/change whatever .........! :)

    2. Another example of "white privilege". LOL!