Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Despite All the Slime and Party Traitors, Donald Trump Still Has a Chance

Donald Trump is still in this race, and he can still win it.

Obviously, he has had a rough couple of weeks. Democrats and the Clinton campaign — by which I mean the media — have thrown more slime and dirt at the Republican presidential nominee than any other politician in the history of television.

Yet, Mr. Trump is still standing.

Down in the polls, perhaps. But nowhere near where a lesser candidate or a weaker man would be if he had endured all that Mr. Trump has.

More @ Rasmussen


  1. Rasmussen? I know Rasmussen, their reputation. I think better of you than that! They are so slanted it's a wonder they're standing. Look at the crowds. What are they 30:1 for Mister Trump? The she-demom has to pay, use tight-shots, photoshop, and use a green-screen, and the communist media to apprear to have any attendence! (There's something to report and keep up with!) Donald trump can pack-in 20,000 to dozens for the Devil's spawn. About two-months ago, a hardly conservative ABC poll gave Trump 70% and Hillary 8%. Please never site Rasmussen. It's an embarrassment--and you're better than that. Next time use a non-biased, professional pollster, not theater.